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KNZ Technology LLC warrants all products under KNZ brand as free of defects in material, design and workmanship for the period of one year from the original date of purchase. The warranty is limited to the original purchaser. Normal wear-and-tear and natural cosmetic variation do not qualify as defects. If during the period of warranty this product proves defective under normal use and service, you should return the product to the retailer from whom it was purchased or to an authorized warranty center.

If you believe your product is manufacture defective, please follow below steps to file a warranty claim:

1. Send the product in original retail package to below address and attach with a copy of the purchase receipt or invoice. If there is only one unit in the whole set of product that has quality issue, you may ship the unit alone.

KNZ Technology - Support

3423 Piedmont Rd NE

Atlanta, GA 30305

United States

If for some reason it is unpractical to mail the product back, please fill out below form in this page with details of the issue, (2) providing an electronic copy of the purchase receipt or invoice, (3) providing supporting files such as pictures and videos which can help us diagnose the issue (4) leave us your current shipping address.

2. When we receive your warranty inquiry, our technical team will analyze on the product unit, or the video/pictures you have provided and find out if the unit is manufacture defective. For the cases which are qualified to our manufacture warranty, we will send back to you a replacing product or unit. 

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