Frequently asked questions

Can I use GoDuo speakers while they are being charged?

Yes. Whether or not they are being charged does not affect your use of GoDuo speakers.

What devices can GoDuo work with?

Any Bluetooth enabled devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers (both Windows and Mac), game consoles, etc.

Can I use GoDuo with my Amazon Alexa devices, such as Echo Dot?

Any Bluetooth enabled devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers (both Windows and Mac), game consoles, etc.

How can I tell if one speaker is the left channel or right channel?

When the two speakers are in stereo mode, there are two ways to find out which speaker is the left channel. 1. During standby mode, observe the indicator light on the back of the speaker. On the left channel speaker,the light flashes every 5 seconds; on the right channel speaker, light flashes every 8 seconds. 2. When there is an incoming call, while you are in the call, or when you are dialing, if the indicator light on the speaker flashes rapidly, then the speaker is the left channel; otherwise it is the right channel. 3. If your GoDuo speakers are connected with iPhone, iPod or iPad, double-press the button on one speaker - if Siri is activated, then the speaker is the left channel; otherwise it is the right channel. 4. Power off both speakers and power back on. If the voice prompts are enabled, each speaker will anounce which side it is.

How can I mute the voice prompts/instructions?

The new version of GoDuo speakers supports muting voice prompts. When the speakers are paired to each other but not with any other devices (you may disable Bluetooth on your phone to make it work), triple press on each speaker's multi-function button. You will hear "English selected", "Espanol seleccionado" or "voice instruction muted", which means the voice prompts are in English, Spanish or disabled.

Can I pair 4 speakers (two sets of GoDuo) at the same time?

Although GoDuo speakers are not designed for syncing wirelessly by 4 speakers, you can make it work in either of the following ways.
1. Use audio split (Y-shape) cable. For the split side (two plugs), connect each plug to one speaker of a pair, and leave the other one sync via wireless. Then the four speakers will play music from the same source.
2. If you use Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus/Note8, two sets of speakers can connect to your phone and play music at the same time. On your Samsung Galaxy phone, enable "Dual audio", then you can connect with two pairs of speakers and play the same music on them simultaneously.
The latest generation of iPhone (iPhone 8/8 Plus/X) have not supported this feature of Bluetooth 5.0 yet. You will have to use Bluetooth splitter transmitter (connects to two audio devices at the same time or some special app to play music on four devices simultaneously.
Either way, you will have two speaker units playing stereo music (two playing left channel and two playing right channel).

What warranty does KNZ support for GoDuo speakers? And how to file a warranty claim?

GoDuo speakers are covered with 1-year limited manufacturers warranty starting from the original purchase date. For details please check https://www.knztech.com/warranty

My GoDuo stopped charging?

The early version of GoDuo speakers are designed to use qualified (with safety certification) chargers, such as UL listed power adaptors. Using un-certified aftermarket chargers might damage the charging circuit in the speakers. In later versions we improved the charging circuits to be compliant with more aftermarket chargers. However in order to protect your property, we strongly suggest charging GoDuo speakers with qualified chargers/power adapters.


How can SoundFlux activate Siri?

Press and hold the button on either side for 2 seconds while idling. If you are listening to music, you need to pause the music first.

How can I tell the battery level of charging case?

When the case is being charged, the white LED flashes to show the battery level. When the case charges headphones, the LED also flashes. In other circumstances, the LED keeps off. Please check with the manual regarding battery level indication.

What codec is supported?

For iOS devices which default is AAC, such as iPhone, iPod and iPad, SoundFlux streams music based on AAC codec. It can be traced in the Bluetooth log (codec code "2"=AAC while "0"=SBC). For some Android phones, the AAC codec was not default but needs to be forced. We have improved the compatibility of SoundFlux with most Android phones.

Does SoundFlux work with my laptop?

SoundFlux works with all MAC, Windows and Android. For most of the time you just need to connect them to your laptop. For some laptops, you might need to change the "output device" to Bluetooth (SoundFlux) since some computers does not switch automatically.

About knockoff product in China market.

SoundFlux is our original concept and design, not a rebrand, as has been a concern with some. We released our design to the public in May and provided samples to testers. We have shipped over 7,000 units since September, and have no reason to copy a Chinese version which just sold a few. Unfortunately, we cannot control if our products are copied and sold through the Chinese market. Here is a detailed comparison between SoundFlux and its knockoffs: https://www.knztech.com/sf-comparison

What's the battery life?

Existing SoundFlux last 2.5~3 hours continuous music play or phone call. We are working on optimizing software to achieve lower power consumption in order to extend battery life. It requires chipset manufacturer's full participation and efforts for the low-level development. We have made some progress to reduce some power drainage, but to cut targeted 40% consumption requires a lot more work, testing and verification. We will keep posting about the progresses.

How to compare the sound quality of SoundFlux to other headphones?

As true wireless stereo headphone, we compare SoundFlux with its peers, since true wireless headphone is a very different form factor than wired Bluetooth (two earpieces connected by cord) or even wired headphones and requires different technology. SoundFlux has better sound quality than most true wireless headphones in market at same or even higher price point.

I'm from Hong Kong/Taiwan/Mainland China and have not received my order yet.

Please verify if your survey is answered with Chinese address. SF Express cannot recognize English address in their system and offshore postage service does not take battery-contained item. Please update your address to Chinese language if you have not done so

Will there be an app to support SoundFlux soon?

We are working on developing software to support SoundFlux update and configurations. The project requires experienced software engineers and full support from chipset manufacturer. As a startup company, we try to bring this to life as soon as possible within our capability. Currently we are able to implement OTA update with dongle and our team is working on the version without it.

My left earpiece and right earpiece do not work together but individually?

They might be unpaired accidentally. To pair them, it is recommended to reset both earpieces and redo the pairing process. Detailed instructions can be found in the user manual and online manual https://www.knztech.com/soundflux-manual

Volume level on left earpiece and right earpiece are not equal.

Volume might be changed when using each earpiece individually, and when re-pair them without resetting, the two volume levels stay unequal. To fix, simply reset the two earpieces and pair them again.

Can't tell the difference between the three EQ?

Try some songs with deep bass such as "The Hills" from the Weekend and you will be able to tell the depth created by the dual drivers and various saturation level of the bass.

Does SoundFlux have Active Noise Cancellation?

The noise cancellation technology in SoundFlux is only for improving phone call quality. It is not ANC.