Truly Wireless
Hi-Fi Earbuds

Superior Sound. Premium Look.

High Quality

Premium speaker with noise suppression technology present outstanding listen and talk experience

Touch Control

Intuitive control on volume, soundtracks and phone calls


Play Time

Advanced low-energy technology supports extended battery life



Drop on any wireless charging pad to refuel with no strings attached



Enjoy crystal clear phone calls with noise reduction technology

Latest Bluetooth Technology

Never worry about getting disconnected from your devices. SoundMax is integrated with Bluetooth 5 Chipset and low energy technology to improve your audio experience. Clear, instantaneous, stable connection to keep you in sync with your devices.  

Intuitive Touch Control

SoundMax is constructed with intuitive touch sensors that allow you to easily control your listening devices through simple gestures.  


Technical Specifications

Wireless Version: 5.0 Frequency

Response: 2.40 - 2.48 GHz

Earphone Listen Time: Up to 7 hours 

Charging Case Listen Time: Up to 30 hours

Earphone Talk time: Up to 6 hours 

Case Talk Time: Up to 25 hours 

Wireless Charging Power: Up to 5W

Case Dimensions: 2.8” x 1.4” x 1.3”