Rewind the Happiness. Play the Moments.

 Retro2 Bluetooth Speakers

Play music via Bluetooth, Aux cord, micro-SD card or USB drive

Two Retro2 speakers can pair and play true wireless stereo music

Listen to local stations with the built-in FM Radio

Loud and crisp sound with rich bass fits all types of songs and music

Wireless Remote Control included in package offers optimal ease of use


Featuring Built-in Subwoofer.

Retro2 Speakers can give you nostalgia but with a modern experience of listening to your favorite tracks. Deep, rich bass from the built-in subwoofer provides an extra boost and deep vibration.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Vintage.

There’s an LED screen in the front part of the speaker as well as the control buttons. It has a strap handle that comes in handy wherever you carry them around.


Double the Better.

It sounds even more amazing if you pair two Retro2 speakers together. This will enhances your listening experience substantially better. 


“I liked everything about the kind retro Bluetooth radio! For the price you cannot go wrong. FM radio has good reception, Bluetooth works as advertised. Would recommend this product to anyone. For the price you cannot go wrong.” 

Living Coral

Chestnut Brown

Additional Specifications

Wireless Version: 5.0

Frequency Response: 2.40–2.48 GHz

Wireless Range: 33ft

Music Play Time: 8 Hours

Radio Play Time: Up to 10 Hours

Standby Time: 120 Hours

FM Radio: 87.5–108 MHz

Product Dimensions: 5.9” x 4.6” x 3.0”

Product Weight: 1.3 lbs

Package Contents: Wireless Speaker, Remote Control, Charging Cable, AUX Cable